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Phu Quoc Sunset and Night Squid Fishing with Dinner Duration

23USD/ person
  • 1 night
  • Departure : Dong Duong port
  • Maximum number of tourists : 15
  • Departure time : 17:00
  • Arrival : Dong Duong

Phu Quoc Sunset and Night Squid Fishing with Dinner Duration


Squid Fishing is an attractive experience for visitors at night. Experience the night squid fishing tour in Phu Quoc to see the hard life of fishermen.

When night falls, the whole island of Phu Quoc becomes quiet but in the distance, the fishermen's life is still bustling with shimmering lights like a bustling city. It is the time to experience the seconds. minutes just relaxing and exciting with the crew with activities of Phu Quoc night squid tour. There is nothing like catching your own squid from the sea or picking up swordfish and bone-blue fish floating on the surface of the sea. The booty will be served on board. 

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17:00: Car and guide pick you up at your hotel, go to Duong Dong port, board the train to go to the fishing ground.

Watch the sunset: While the boat is running, you will be watching the sunset. Phu Quoc Sunset is a beautiful moment of the day. The moment of brief interference between day and night has impressed so many visitors.

Squid fishing at night: When reaching the squid fishing area, the light will be turned on, you will receive the fishing tackle. The tour guide will teach you how to squid and  help you catch the biggest squid . You will feel the excited when you catch a fish or squid by your own hand.

19:00: Have a light dinner on board, enjoy dishes such as:

Grilled or steamed squid
Noodles with meat
Cuttle porridge
Fruit dessert

21:00: Boat will take you to Duong Dong port, car to take you to the hotel, end the tour

End trip squid fishing Phu Quoc night. Good bye and see you again.

- New cars are transported on schedule

- Squid fishing vessels, tools and bait

-  Dinner on board

- Experienced enthusiastic guides guide you how to fish squid

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