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Captivating is the best adjective to describe Vietnam. You can discover the country with its amazing countryside lifestyle. Vietnam offers the tourist a tranquil getaway with its natural beauty, lush landscape, and cultural values. However, in order to experience all fascinating things in Vietnam, the travelers should prepare a small notebook with the following Vietnam Travel Tips!

1. Tips about Vietnam Stay

  • You can choose your stay in Vietnam from homestay, hostel, and hotel to luxury hotel depending on your budgets.
  • If you want to experience dynamic lifestyle in city, choose place near the street. If you want to stay at tranquil place, choose the stay near countryside. You can check feedback of previous tourists about that place.

2. Tips about Vietnam Travelling

  • Take your visa seriously. You should check whether your nationality needs Vietnam visa or not, prepare printed visa and respectful with immigration officers at the airport.
  • To have a tranquil trip, you should get outside of the big cities and include a trip to Vietnam’s countryside in your itinerary.
  • You can buy train tickets or bus ticket by yourself at stations.

3. Tips about Health and Safety

This maybe the most important tip for all tourists. Although Vietnam is ranked in one of safest countries in the world, you should prepare some tips to have Vietnam travel with greater peace of mind.

Health Tips

  • Before you go, pack any necessary medications in labeled containers.
  • The insurance and recommend vaccinations should be packed with doctor’s advice.
  • You need long layers clothes which protects you from mosquito bites and keep warm in cold weather or in evening.
  • A rain jacket is indispensable in your backpack. It will help you avoid unexpected showers and monsoon rain.
  • You should not direct contact with animals. Don’t touch or feed them because they can bite strangers.
  • You should ask for some hospitals near your place in Vietnam in case of emergency.

Safety Tips

Petty Crime: appear normally in big cities by many potential thieves (who might be your fellow tourists).

  • Remember to carry your passport, cash and other valuables in the concealed money belt. So, avoid letting your important thing in your room.
  • When taking pictures on sidewalks, keep your camera close to your body because any drive-by snatchings can rob your camera.

Taxi scams: take the form of rigged meters, overcharging, and confusing currency. You should look for the trusted taxi company before choosing means of transports. You can ask for help from your hotel to let you know trusted taxi brand in the locals.

Driving and Traffic: the roads in Vietnam (especially in big cities) is dangerous. So, when you drive motorbikes, helmets are required by law. When you walk on the street, make sure that you look around before walking down the streets or crossing the road.

4. Tips about shopping

  • Bargaining: The price for goods and services is whatever you pay. If you do not go to supermarket or shopping mall with fixed price, you should get used to bargain what you buy.
  • Price matters: Do not buy things because it’s cheap because it maybe out of order. You should buy at recommended place.

5. Tips about Emergency

Before making a trip to Vietnam, you should know tips for safety under unforeseen circumstances

  • Vietnam Country Code: +84
  • International Call Prefix: 00
  • Trunk Prefix: 0


  • Police: 113
  • Fire: 114
  • Ambulance – First Aid: 115
  • Weather forecast: 1080
  • Domestic long distance telephone service: 101
  • International telephone service: 110
  • General information service: 1080
  • Law Consultancy service: 1088
  • Phone number enquiries: 116


  • When you make a phone call to above emergency numbers from a telephone, you just dial the number without adding any area code
  • In case, you call by a mobile phone, you need to dial your current area code number (For example: You are now in Hanoi, you call 1088. So please dial 024-1088)
  • You should prepare emergency phone number of your country’s embassy in Vietnam.



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